The Case Of The Mansion Windows kit. TCOTM is a 6 player online game. Because the game is in an alpha state, we currently do not have in-game tutorials. For a better understanding of the rules, watch the videos provided on the kit. Having problems with bugs? Check out the Txt.file detailing most of our current known issues. For an overview of objects and actions check the image schemes. Because we are talking about a 6 player online game, for the purposes of testing, we would like to suggest the time of 8 PM GMT and 8 PM eastern for players to get together. Because this is a two people indie team our biggest challenge in our closed tests was always to close 6 people parties. This schedule is merely to increase the chances of closing parties. If you have 6 friends interested in playing the game, feel free to pass this build along and play it at your own schedule. We hope you guys have a great time.

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