This is something I retrieved from my countless subfolders of stuff related to my mod. It was meant to be played as the default sound when entering the main menu of the game, before I (hopefully) decided not to keep it. This "soundtrack" consists in numerous sounds all made by and for the TA community (most of which can be heard in TA Frenzy), staging one 7 minutes long battle, with several amusing events in it as well as gunfire, bombs and roaring engines (and... Well guess who has the final word at around 5:30!). The whole thing is fairly retarded and childish, and the sounds are low quality, but I find it overally quite funny. So if you have *absolutely nothing* to do, you can still try to figure out what exactly happens in each phase of that noisy rampage. If you already have the TA Frenzy mod, then you can extract this archive into your TA directory. The .wav file will be properly placed in the TA Frenzy Misc\Soundtrack\ subfolder.

TA Frenzy Soundtrack
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