This includes the full version of the "Switched Reality Mod" and readme-files in english and german including an installation guide.

Switched Reality Mod
Hunter1214 - - 2 comments

it wont let me download it?

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GrOrc - - 1,006 comments

To author of Switched Reality mod ver. 2.0. Make your mod as normal DoW-mod. This is anti-social behaviour in DoW-community of DoW-modders when you forcibly put any your files in common folders like "W40k", "WXP", "DXP2". This action disrupts the normal work of other DoW-mods and creates difficulties for unexperienced users. I looked on your file structure and I say all of this as experienced DoW-modder.
To all DoW-gamers. Switched Reality mod ver. 2.0 is incompatible with any DoW-mod with own taskbar and/or gamescreen. For example my Titanium Wars Mod (TWM) has unique taskbar and gamescreen. "Switched Reality" mod will disable them. Do not install it, if you want to play TWM without critical glitches. Some other DoW-mods will have problems with it too. In addition it will make some other glitches. Now I warned everyone.
However its version 1.0 have no new taskbar and gamescreen (as I saw on file structure) and therefore it has no such problem.
Conclusion. In any case this mod must be made as normal DoW-mod with own folder and module-file.

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