Recent Version: Version 1.1.2 Improvements: * Night counter (arranged) * error that siemore came out on Night 1 (resolved). * The "Enter Button" is added to turn off or shorten the energy in the office. ------------------------------------------------- CHARACTERS: In the attraction was: New Fredbear New Springbonnie Old Fredbear Old Springbonnie The Shadow "Shauscleare". ----------------------------------------------------------------------- INFORMATION OF THE GAME (CREDITS) Characters: LukeTheCursedGuy Office: LukeTheCursedGuy & Leonard_MB Programming: Leonard_MB Inspired: Five Night's At Freddy's #Fnaf by Scott Cawtom Sounds & Music: Youtube, LeonardMB and FNaF Series. Hashdags: #fnaf #fredbear #fredbearfamilydiner #fangame #Springbonnie #action #horror #adventure #strategy #arcade

Survive The Night's In Fredbear's 2: The Prequel
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