Time only moves when you move! This mod depicts a game mechanic from a recently released game with the same name. Installation Needs Script Hook V. As usual, copy the .asi file into the game directory with your other mods. Usage Press F5 to toggle mod. Time only continues normally when the player is moving or certain controls are pressed (movement, fire, accelerate, brake). Hotswitch can be triggered by aiming at a ped and pressing the "Character Switch" Key. Tested with keyboard and XBOX360-Controller. Known Bugs In some situation time is slowed down when it's not desirable (e.g. when hotwiring a car) Some menus don't work right when in slowdown (interaction menu, character switch) You can always resume to normal speed by holding any of controls mentioned above. Version History Changes in 0.2 Added Hotswitch Added visual feedback when (de)activating mod

SuperHotMod for GTA V
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