INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS Just download, double click and play. NOTE: MUSIC IS NOT FROM THE ACTUAL GAME, ITS JUST IN THE VIDEO TO ADD MORE "LIFE" TO IT SONG IS M.O.O.N. - 'Hydrogen' from Hotline miami by dennaton games SUPERHOT ARENA is a topdown arcade survival shootemup, making the superhot experience even more intense with endless enemy's, keeping the crunch of the original game, trying to make the player feel really stylish and powerfull. FEATURES -3 ENEMY TYPES ??? ITS JUST THE SAME GUY WITH A DIFERENT GUN -FAST PASED INTENSE GAMEPLAY, RUN N GUN STOP, BLOW UP ROCKETS, ROLL GRAB A WEAPON SHOOT IT UP THROW IT TO AN ENEMY'S FACE, AND WATCH IT EXPLODE, AND DIE BECAUSE YOU WERE TOO FOCUSED LOOKING AT HIM -3 WEAPONS RIFLE SHOTGUN ROCKET SHOTGUN and i suppose your hands count but bah -WEAPONS EXPLODE WHEN THEY RUN OUT OF AMMO AND YOU THROW THEM DEVELOPED FOR THE #MAKEITSUPERHOT COMPETITION THANKS FOR PLAYING

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