v3.31 new maps bondo95,97 new sounds for crackwhore and crafty monster new monster: large hunter new attacks for hunter monster added babe mode fixed some errors with double shotgun models v3.3 every map has a chance to spawn with LOW GRAVITY pets are now: mini shambler, mini robot, mini player, and bomber. sometimes they don't attack. just shoot them and they might start attacking monsters turrets are now: freedom bullets, double spikes, double blaze, missile new melee weapon: vortaxe. throw an axe and it may spawn a vortex of murder. sometimes you get an error message, and it may even crash the game because there are a ton of thinks/entities with this weapon added proximity mines upgraded nuke damage for grenade nuke and missile nuke rewrote player monsters: homer, elmo, lo wang (new!), john mcclane (OTHER NEW) and duke nukem. now they are mini player monsters with four attacks: shotgun, rocket launcher, spikes, and axe

SuperDuper Quake 3.32 Meta Carpal Edition
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