This mod turns your wimpy heroes into bad@ss Super Heroes. If you are fed up with the game being so hard and don't wanna spend 267 years to complete it, download this. It will save you some heartache. Otherwise, if you are a hardcore gamer who likes to torture him/herself with difficulty and brag about it, stay away from this mod. I tweaked their stats, their leveling progress, their skills. Upgrading them scales with their super powers so spending some hard earned money is much more meaningful. Or... not. Main thing is, they are harder to kill and their attacks are devastating. Only thing you should afraid is their stress now. How do you install it then? Simple. Drop the "heroes" folder you'll see in the rar into the game's main folder and replace the files. I strongly recommend you to backup your files before you doing that so you'll have a failsafe if things go sour or you don't like the mod. New Antiquarian Class is included in this package. I hope you'll enjoy this much as I did.

Super Heroes!
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