Inspired by other drop mods, such as Enjoy SP-mode, Stra-D2Mod aims at increasing the playability in single player while maintaining the difficulty and the mechanics of the vanilla version. This is achieved, for example, by increasing runes and items drop rate, but keeping unchanged the experience progression, the item level requirements and the item socketing process. Although the mod should work with 1.14 patch (not tested though), it is HIGHLY recommended to use 1.13c patch in order to make Stra-D2Mod compatible with PLUGY and enjoy its amazing features such as the Diablo Clone and Uber Tristram events, greater stash, infinity number of stash pages shared between chars and the possibility of doing cow level runs even after the Cow King death. A suggested PLUGY setting file (Diablo Clone will automatically spawns in game between 0-180 min of playing the same game) is enclosed in the Stra-D2Mod folder.

Stra-D2Mod 1.0
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