So I gave Dagovax the idea to re-make the old Star Wars: Total War mod. I had the models from the easily mod-able game Freedom Force - and when he tried getting them into the Rome: Total War engine they worked well. FF is from 2005 (the expansion) and RTW is a game from 2004 - so the models were old enough. The mod has most of the new Galactic Empire roster finished - but there are still maybe three units missing and the old units are still not removed, the Rebel Alliance has four units - plus a Wookie mercenary-unit in the "Egypt"-roster. It needed to be in a different culture for it's unique sound to work. Cause in RTW sound and music is based on cultures and not divided between factions. The new Star Wars Galaxy map is included as well - it's a huge map with just two settlements. The map isn't playable at all but you could take a look at it and if you're a modder who wants to finish the map you have all the permissions in the world to do so. Dagovax is working on TW:1942.

Star Wars: Total War - Galactic Empire/Rebel Alliance DEMO!
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