A large-scale mod that is intended to act as a full-on replacement for the stock Star Wars: Battlefront game, inspired by the DICE entries into Star Wars: Battlefront.

Star Wars: Battlefront DICE Edition - V0.5 (Open Beta)

Okay, I spent some time playing the mod. I have to say that I was really hyped for it and I don't feel disappointed. My first reaction was a surprise, since I remember you using the TFU Wii Stormtrooper models in the preview videos and in the end you settled for your edited versions of SWBF Stormtrooper models. Of course, it is not bad and I love how you retextured the Shadow Trooper (I even made a short gameplay video with the Shadow Trooper unit today in case you might be interested: ). I have to say that I love the new sounds for weapons and how each unit is really fun to play, with an arsenal of weapons which are actually useful in combat, while being different from each other. One nitpick that I might have is that I got the impression that the ARC Trooper unit was a bit overpowered. When it comes to bugs, the ones that I've noticed was the lack of Jetpack effect for the Rebel Jumptrooper and, as Icearity wrote, Death Star does not load (I'm using the GOG version and I've installed your shell replacement - maybe it has to do with the fact that I haven't downloaded your ingame movie file). All in all, I love the mod and I'm impressed with the fact that you've made the Main Play Mod and then the Legacy mod, and yet you managed to make this mod feel so different from the ones you've already made. Great job! :D

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I played the mod some more and I'll add more to my opinion. While initially I thought that ARC Trooper was slightly overpowered, now I see that it is similar to other classes for both the Republic and CIS. What I also forgot to mention is that I just love those Clone Trooper models. They're more realistic and kind of buffy (in a positive way :D). When it comes to other suggestions which I might make, I think that Clone Sharpshooter's blaster pistol is basically useless because of how quickly it overheats and the time it takes for it to be usable again. One thing that I noticed is that 87th Sentinel Corps seem to be on quite a lot of maps (especially that they are also present on the maps with Galactic Marines). Also, after using the Free Camera option, I couldn't quit it or simply open up the menu options. I don't know, maybe it has something to do with GOG. Still, the mod is awesome. The amount of content is enormous, new models and textures are great and it really gives the game a bit of that SWBF 2015 vibe.

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giftheck Author

The free camera 'issue' is how the free camera works in SWBF1. You can't access the menu while the gameplay is frozen. Hitting backspace starts/pauses the gameplay and will enable/disable the ability to pause.

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