Changelog Patch#1: This patch fixes the oversized amount of cash, weapons and ammo in the very beginning of the game, A few weapon textures have been revitted, Some config and gameplay changes accordingly fixed. Changelog Patch#2: Most files are redone, including weapons, gameplay files with loadouts changed, sounds altered and fixed, new sounds, new textures for the icons, good english, tougher enemies. Changelog Patch#3: The enemies are now reall badass, they use enhanced smoke grenades, and use them to their tactical advantage, Most ui textures are less dark, UI equipment is redone, making it better to see them, Text files are redone, including various typo fixes and new lines, New level sounds, making the game even more scary and gloomy, New monster sounds, as for the bloodsucker, custom particles made by me. Various other fixes, including new names Changelog Patch#4: Expect new weapon loadouts to come! NOTE! INSTALL AFTER ALL PARTS ARE DOWNLOADED, UNPACKED AND MERGED IN

STALKER SWAT:Rebalanced Build 20011 Patch #3

Is this patch inludes #1 and #2?
Do i just install this only?

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Lоnerboner Author


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