Both Soviets and Allies have invented really strange things just to win the war:mobile war factories,radar towers and combat support airfields for aircraft rearming and expanding,all which look like civilian vehicles,as well as refineries and barracks(red stang and blue car,who'd think those are not what they seem to be).As of now,timers for paratroops are shown.Also nuke reactors are built by AI and equipped with a small gap generator,to prevent direct fire on them(would be a bit too unfair if not).I've made the original ACHQ a spysat and unbuildable(to get a view of the field in 7th+10th,delaying the Sov. invasion for some reason),replacing it with another,non-spysat,one.Total tech tree conversion assured(so is victory,but you decide on whose hands).If you didn't get what I'm trying to say about the mobile facilities,send one of them to your enemy's base and don't be surprised if it doesn't get shot at before deployment.Some of them also malfunction in the campaign(unlike YR).

SRA2 2.0
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