Focus Tree of Spain for Millenium Dawn - Many Focus, specific Tree for Spain. - Various ideological options (Fascism, Monarchy, Carlism, Democracy (Bipartisanship and Populism), Democratic Republic and Communism). - English version. - Many Events (+400!!) - New Countries: Catalunya, Galicia, Euskal Herria, Andalucía and Canarias. - News Ideas for Spain. (La Legión, Regulares, BRIPAC, Infantería de Marina, Cazadores de Montaña, ...) - News Shields for Theatre of Operations. (Fuerzas Armadas Españolas) - Political parties of Spain (Citizens, We can, Vox, UPyD, ...) - New military advisers. - New political advisers (Ministries). - New ideological advisers (Media).

Focus Tree of Spain for Millenium Dawn
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