The Space Wolves as their own playable race seperate from the vanilla Space Marines. This mod is for Soulstorm and Soulstorm only This mod version will not clash with the other versions I have made nor will it clash with any other Space Wolves mods as far as I know. After downloading this you should unzip the files in the zip folder and place them in you Soulstorm directory. To save space on your computer you should delete any previous versions of this mod. After you have done this simply open Soulstor, open the game manager at the main menu and select the mod After learning about AI enough I've fixed a couple of bugs.I also added three units; the Vindicator, Land Raider Crusader, and brought the Land Raider back into play. Only one Land Raider can be owned at a time to keep balance in check.

Space Wolves 0.61
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