This sub-mod its and add-on of Kaiser1871 mod Fatherland 1964, made by me. Is designed to play with the Soviet Union. -I put together all SOVIET equipment in one archive for a more easy work, and also do the same with gfx. -I have also change the helicopter engines to stealth technology, so the aircraft related to Jet engines are (more or less) stealth aircrafts. -The rocket interceptors are simple pure interceptors (like mig-31). -Added a description for SOV. -Added teams from vanilla game and change others to fitt with Fatherland 1964 mod (moving plants and design bureaus to the Urals and far beyond after german pushed back the Soviet to the Ural Mountains) -Of course, all new and changed teams and equipment has his own images (included SPAAG, SPG and Tank destroyers). -Could fitt for any mod that begins in 50s to 90+. -Please read the readme.txt for more information and installation instructions. Sorry for my english. HEIMDALL2001

Soviet add-on for Fatherland 1964 mod.
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