Here is our first public playable build of our game Solar 5 Overdrive! Its going to be a bit of a mess for the first few updates, which will be coming twice* a month(*assuming we can get enough done), but our main goal with this is to see how much interest people have! //Controls// current button mapping is for controller, so to ease the confusion here is the conversion! gamepad_A======>arrowKey Down(shoot down) gamepad_B======>arrowkey Right(shoot right) gamepad_X======>arrowKey Left(shoot left) gamepad_Y======>arrowKey Up(shoot up) Left analogue=====>WASD(Movement) Right Trigger======>Spacebar(special attack) Left Trigger =======>Left Ctrl(Block) start ============>ESC (pause) feel free to send us feedback via Twitter, Here, or any other way in which we can see it! we would love to hear feedback on what work, what could stand to be changed, what you hope to see in the future! <3 the stritic studios dev team

Solar 5 Overdrive Early Build 1.0!
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