The summary of this mod ? Protoss = relatively small numbers + advanced tech; Terrans = medium tech and medium numbers; Zerg = low tech + huge numbers As you can see the modification were done to be lore wise, even if the protoss have no planet crackers ingame, they still have some very advanced tech; Ex : Protoss dragoon now has 100 damage and is very mobile, while terran siege tank does 60 damage while mobile, and 90 while in siege mod. I have done the modification in such a way that the protoss are 1 tier more advanced than the terrans. More examples : Protoss carrier has 1000 hp and 500 shields, and 7 armor(they now use shield tech to their full extend), while terran battlecruiser has 1000 hp and 0 shield, and 5 to armor. Terran marine has 40 hp and 2 armor, while protoss marine has 40 hp, 30 shields and 4 to armor etc.

Smod v1.2
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