Changes to the hud, fixing up bots a little bit, and breaking the Autopistol. Yay. SPECIAL NOTICE: THIS VERSION HAS A BUG THAT MAKES THE AUTOPISTOL OP. DON'T TRY TO PLAY ANY SERIOUS GAMES WITH THIS VERSION. Note that this is a very in-alpha version. VERY. As such, not all the features that will be in the first actual release (1.0) will be in here, and EVERYTHING is either placeholder or subject to change. THIS MOD REQUIRES SOURCE 2013 MULTIPLAYER UNDER THE "beta_test" VERSION. IT ALSO MAY REQUIRE HL2:DM BUT I'M NOT SURE.

skirmish a0p4
kyokyoknutt Author

False alarm guys, I didn't actually fix the bot respawns. I thought I did, and I think you can fix it with certain commands, but I can't replicate it.

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