The Singularity:Soldiers of Doom (a former name was Alpha Decay) started as my own game project in august 2015 and,since then,I'm working to bring something I want to call a ''masterpiece'' of indie games. Inspired by Half-Life,The Singularity takes place in the near future in an well-hidden lab called ''Alpha Research Facility''.The goverment,realising that the facility is working on something equal to a doomsday device,sends some troops to eradicate the facility and stop the project before is too late for humanity.The facility is protected by Shaw,a former soldier who was incapacitated during a war but he was saved by the singularity experiment and he becamed a super-soldier.He has to protect those who saved him and to defeat Marauder,the first singularity super-soldier who becamed insane because of a mistake during the experiment. For the moment the story is incomplete,but when it will be finished,it will be mind-blowing. Stay tuned for more info and updates.

Singularity (Alpha Decay) Forest Stage 1 Demo
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