Request and design input from Steam User Azrael the Accursed, this mod adds resources into the game, Dukes+ can use a title diplomacy to send out prospecting surveys within their realm to try and sniff out a resource for 10 gold pieces, if found it will enable an exploiting building in the capital holding of the province. Ai should search as well, if they have the money to. Current resources: Gold - Gold mine Increased Taxes Silver - Silver mine Increased Taxes Iron - Iron Mine Increased Taxes, Iron has a modifier for increased land morale(idk if these work proper) Timber - Logging Camp Increased Taxes, Timber lowers province building time and cost Stone - Stone Quarry Increased Taxes, Stone lowers province building time and cost. Merchant Guild - Tax increase, can't build if there's a guild within 3 provinces(unless you are king or emperor tier)

Sin Resources
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