A Weapon Script Mod for the Simplistic Map pack for Doom III Weapons : Fist Pros -Very high damage(150) -Very high knockback Cons -Reduced melee range Blaster Pistol(Prev. pistol) -Bouncy projectiles -Very high damage (40*5) -Very high accuracy -Very high clip size Cons Hadron Collider(Prev. shotgun) -Bouncy projectiles -High accuracy -High projectiles number(20 projectiles) -Very High Damage(10*20) Cons XM-12 Plasma Carbine(Prev.machinegun) Pros -Bouncy projectiles -Very High Damage(125) -Semi-Auto Cons -Small Ammo Capacity Negative Plasma Chaingun(Prev.Chaingun) Pros -Bouncy projectiles -Extreme damage Cons -Reduced clip capacity Rocket Grenade -Very High Damage -No Gravity Cons -Dangerous splash damage Short Circuit Wave-Gun(Prev.Plasma Gun) Pros -Extreme Damage -Increased Ammo Capacity Cons -Very ammo costly! Dark Energy Launcher(Prev.Rocket Launcher) Pros -Crazy high damage! -Bouncy projectiles Cons -Deadly splash damage to player Strategical BFG9000 Pros -INSANE BEAM DAMAGE! Con

Simplistically OP Weapon Mod
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