Many sizes included in this .zip file. If your resolution is no included the original images also included.

SickJoe Marine Wallpapers
MacGreve - - 64 comments

He's ready to pwn some zombies :)

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cinco - - 880 comments

meh, model your character designs off real life equipment imo. fantasy/sci fi stuff never has good logical basis and ends up looking silly.

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zuthen - - 447 comments

@cinco quite the contrary, i like fantasy/sci-fi as apposed to real life gas masks and gear. everyone and i mean EVERYONE is doing the "modern war" crap now and frankly, its getting really old. if i have to play through one more modern warfare/battlefield copy ill throw my pc out the window.

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killakill951 - - 2 comments

It would be cool if there was a player model like that! That would be BEAST!

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