Delve into a dark mystery set in a small town with Shady Brook, a brand new text adventure inspired by Twin Peaks. In Shady Brook, author Jake Torrent moves to the small, peaceful country town of Shady Brook. At first, everything seems idyllic. But after a resident commits suicide, Jake starts to suspect foul play. Could this town take part in a conspiracy to cover up a murder? As Jake investigates, he gets more than he bargained for: a town secret so terrifying that there is no turning back... Shady Brook puts a unique spin on classic interactive fiction. You make a series of choices that determine what happens next in the story. However, unlike traditional choose-your-path games, gamebooks, and visual novels, Shady Brook includes advanced adventure-based mechanics, such as a compass for navigation, a full-fledged inventory system, character interaction with branching dialog, and a variety of complex puzzles to solve.

Shady Brook Demo
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