This game is a digitization of the card game in 2006, from the Collectors- Edition of Spellforce 2. This Version ist full Release of the game with KI Singleplayer Mode. Bug Fixes: ____________ - Deadlock in Network Mode - Spell Healing - 2end usage of Spell Healing - Spy Hand-Card Counter fixed - Online-Lobby Host Game Flag fixed - Hand-card lock fixed - Player-turn counter fixed - Online-Connection Screen fixed (redesign after Logout) - Options Save fixed - Spell Card-sacrifice fixed (selection) - text-errors - and some little more... Added Content & Features: __________________________ + 1.0 Medals + new Fight-System + new Fight Videos + new win-videos + new fight-mode + added new issue report system + added new intro video + added Social Connection + added new FAQ + added new WEB-API + added new Account System + added new Tutorial Videos + recoded installer for better x86 support (x64 was always fine) + added new Modding-Client + KI Singleplayer Mode

Sf2 - MoW limited DVD Edition (1.10000)
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