Well, look who it is. YOU! How about that? Mods you never knew you needed ... SEXIER SHEOGORATH - OH MY TODD HE'S HOT VERSION Requires: Oblivion + Shivering Isles CHOICE OF THREE .ESP FILES 1. Gives a subtle makeover to the madgod, while retaining his most distinctive characteristics. 2. Alternative 'DV' (Daggerfall) Version giving long strawberry-blonde hair and a much more youthful appearance. 3. Alternative 'TV' (Todd Version) creating a ... well, *passing* likeness to everyone's favourite Lurrrve Hobbit, and who better to accept the impossible with nowt more than a weary eye-roll than our very own Pete?

Sexier Sheogorath

my eyes....aaaaaa:D
if i would see him i would run away seriously...

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