New features this Patch: - Tutorial Tab! Use this to easily reference the controls while in the game and get a quick overview of what each action does. We'll be adding more tabs in the future that will allow you do things like adjust gameplay settings. - General improvements to the animation system. Animations will now have a slightly random stagger to them so everything doesn't feel quite as robotic as it used to. - New cards! Ushijima makes her appearance along with a handful of other girls. Ushijima's special ability allows her to share with any girl in the class, not just girls who are next to her. This mechanic allows your score combos to jump across the classroom and continue in crazy new ways, so keep an eye out for her while playing. Bug Fixes: - Cards should no longer occasionally spawn invisibly. - The tutorial tab should properly display for all resolutions. Players playing at resolutions below 512 pixels tall will see the tab being cropped.

Schoolgirls Love Tentacles Alpha Demo 2014-01-27
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