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RTR Platinium Edition v2.0


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will there ever be a patch?

I hope this works. I have found some smaller bugs at the version before 5/2017
there, sometimes the game crashes when I wanted to read the unit's description at a building's description (when the unit's description is shown on the right side of the screen).
it works fine when the unit is build at the unit's description, but not at the building. may be before it is build.

for example, Germania Archers

Another point is, some overpowered things it seems.
Makedons attack me every round with full armies. I have full units strength (very large). so they loose every round 1-2 armies with 4.000 - 8.000 men. how can they compensate this for years? sure in the meditterean area and in the East, there were a lot of more people than in the North.
in 40 years I have taken from them only 3 provinces and the way is full with heroic battles.
Because, on the other hand, the germanic people are represented very well with rare cavalry and archers and they have almost all skirmisher spears...and with a lot of ammo??? - additional a sword for melee (but not many early germanic people owned a sword - spear is like in the game the main weapon) - so my spears kill so many phalanx guys that they arrive me very demoralized.
I play medium / medium.

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