This is a western modification single Player. The gameplay is funny but difficult. There are soldiers, officers, outlaws, lopers, protos and super-soldiers.

RTCW: American Civil War
WolfPlayerChen - - 77 comments

In "deathrap" level,I can't find an exit.Is it a bug?

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_Pavel_ - - 241 comments

Yes, need download next map.

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FlippedOutKyrii - - 3,555 comments

30 levels? Holy ****!

How does this not have it's own page? It's gigantic!

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_Pavel_ - - 241 comments

You don't see another versions this mod, there are 50 levels.

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sungerbob - - 15 comments

There is a problem with the weapon config in models/weapons2/luger/weapon.cfg
So apparently the mod can't parse it. So I went to find what the problem was, and I didn't understand a thing (what did you expect, it's all new for me.) The only thing I understood was the words when you get to the serious stuff. And bullet was misspelled, it was pronounced "buullet" instead. And so I fixed that but then the second problem accured. It couldn't save and now I'm stuck. Can anyone help with this issue? Because I can't play the mod without it fixed.

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