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Rudy and his brother Jamal are ex-marines, doomsday preppers and conspiracy theorists. While the UAC and The Protectors have tried to keep quiet about their recent project, a few have infiltrated UAC bases and leaked information. The Protectors and the UAC had plans to finally open their 'spiritual portal' in the middle of the city. Jamal went to the site, armed to the teeth, but was brutally killed along with several hundred others when their attempt to open the portal failed, resulting in a massive explosion. Since then there have been reports of almost zombie-like people wandering the streets and attacking civilians, many of them dressed in hoods and capes worn by The Protectors.Rudy is overcome with anger at the loss of his brother. Using his knowledge of UAC operations, he makes his way up into the hills to a secret base. He plans to take them down by force and kill anything they throw at him, avenge his brother and save the world from any more destruction caused by the UAC

Rowdy Rudy's Revenge!

Great wad here!!! Really interesting levels partake here and pleasant music as well!! 2020 sleeper hit here!!!

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DoomKid. Author

Late reply from me, but I appreciate the kind words, thanks!

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This is a partial conversion. I liked the music too... particularly 'Jamiroquai' on the last map! The final boss room is challenging even if you "save scum", the final boss is 'Satan's Watchful Eye' and it makes for a tough fight with respawning enemies. The boss cubes are hidden/invisible. You need to hit a series of switches and run towards pillars before they rise, try not to get frustrated, it is possible to beat the level from "bayonet start" (Rudy's version of pistol start), at least in Hurt Me Plenty.

This map set is not too challenging, I'm of mediocre skill and I could beat it; There are plenty of health packs and ammo strewn all about. It has intermission text and a cool victory screen.

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Bug report:
I used the following load order:
freedom2.wad (for partial conversions, I like to use Freedom so all assets look different and the PWAD stuff still shows up)

I played it in Zandronum 3.0 r170901-1140 and GZDoom 4.4.2

1) In both Zandro and GZ, the rocket zombie (asset code 'UDM3') is stuck in place in most situations and doesn't attack. He has a very large hitbox and very high HP. I checked the DEHACKED lump inside the WAD and his width and height are the same as those of the Plasma Guy, so I don't know what's wrong.

2) In Zandro, in the room with the Red Skull Key, you fall through the floor and get eaten by a Flaming Caco. This is reproducible. In GZ, it behaves normally.

I played through most of the game in Zandro and only switched to GZ for the final map.

I'm off to play Rowdy Rudy 2 : Powertrip, thanks for making these with such love. RR has real retro charm!

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DoomKid. Author

Thanks so much for the detailed feedback, it means a lot - no idea what's up with the rocket zombie, but I'm still glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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Ok so i noticed in the TXT file that some of the songs you have listed are unknown but from Dwango20. IDK if this would be something that really matters(enough to edit the TXT file for) but i was able to figure out that map 02 of Rudy's revenge is using the midi version of Harleys & Indians by Roxette that is used in Map 07 from dwango20. Oh nice map01 song BTW i took me halfway through the first loop of it(way longer than needed) to realize it was Cross Eyed Mary by Jethro. Good music and good mapping. It feels like scythe where the maps are short and intense but aren't mini slaughter maps like scythe either. Good mod all around I'm going to go finish this now before playing the sequel to this. Cheers!

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DoomKid. Author

Thanks for the review, I appreciate that! I might edit the text file too to add proper music credit.

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THe game is compatible with vanilla Doom II so how about kicking out freedoom2 and replace it with Doom II hell On earth? Maybe there's some incompatibility between the mod and freedoom2 that's causing this.

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