This is patch version 0.1 for Rocks 2 Rockets version 0. It is only a patch, you must have the full version 0 of Rocks 2 Rockets installed for it to be of any use. Instructions: 1) Extract the 7-zip archive to some temporary folder, or the desktop. It should create a folder called "Rocks2Rockets", possibly inside one called "Rocks2Rockets-Patch-v0.1" depending on how it is extracted. 2) The new Rocks2Rockets folder should be copied into the BtS Mods folder, the folder where Rocks2Rockets is installed. 3) Answer Yes, or "Yes to All", to the questions about overwriting things. This will replace 9 files, listed in the "Files in this patch" section of the included "Patch v0.1 Notes.txt" file and add that one file which has this (and more) information in it. When loading a save, if it asks to about doing a modifier recalculation I suggest skipping it. Nothing relevant to that has changed and it sometimes crashes (MAF type) on low memory systems.

Rocks2Rockets Patch v0.1
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