Newly updated version. Change Log 1.1 -Re-wrote the SoiledApparel class to duplicate stats of the original Apparel, it now also dynamically creates recipes for the washing machine as different soiled items appear, should hopefully work with mods that add gear that cover legs. -Washing machine - In the production menu, now you can wash your soiled pants/tribal wear/power armor, I've tested with these and it seems to work, though it appears power armor gets a random color on spawn as it's not made of Stuff, unsure how to overwrite it yet. -New workgivers/jobdrivers for the washing machine, the DoBill classes really want to have Stuff in the ingredients, all my washed clothes were turning into dearskin, lol -Split off the ThinkNode_SatisfyNeeds class from my own for easier compatibility -The Latrine has a texture! -Negative thoughts for wearing soiled clothes is now working more or less as intended

Rimworld: What The Deuce 1.1
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