Version 1.1 Fixed bug in the abrahm's autocannons not engaging infantry. Replaced the m240 mg of the M1a1 with a second autocannon with no ap power just he, so two autocannons, 1 with ap and he and 1 with he only. Also doubled the number of mavericks in the A10 Thunderbolt. Edit: Forgot to add I replaced the 50 cal of the recon Sheridan with an autocannon because why not. This tank only appears in the American-Japanese Airborne task force(replaces the Dai-Ichi KÅ«tei Dan airborne force) in turn 3 in the Second Korean war. It is crazy effective against transports, IFVs, and light tanks. Fighter escorts have also been added to the F18C deployable battlegroup in both South Korean campaigns.

Revised Campaign 1.1 (Outdated)
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