Return to Mars City and unleash hell all over again with this mod that brings a new flavour to original Doom 3 gameplay. Take on the once familiar enemies who now have all new quirks from bullet resistant zombies (gotta shot them in the head) to the combat effective zombie security who are using the same guns as the marine - damage and all. A new arsenal of weapons is at your disposal, from a supercharged plasmagun which can bounce its plasma balls off surfaces allowing you to dissolve enemies around corners to a beasty chaingun which can suppress and pin enemies as they are ripped apart limb from limb. Aiming your shots will never have been more important with each enemy’s body parts having their own bullet resistance, making a choice between a shot to the arm or leg as important as hitting the infamous headshot. Overall this mod brings a more challenging game, great for any veteran of the Doom franchise looking for more unique enemies, as well as varied weapons.

Return to Hell (Standard)
ZEXATOR - - 1 comments

Want to see the mod first hand, watch the mod creator as he challenges his friend to a playthrough of the mod, as they both revisit an all new never seen before hell.

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ice_trey - - 1,109 comments

the different damage points is something i also did with my modded stuff way back, its quite awesome and much more intriguing imo, kinda like Walking Dead - only a HeadshoT will stop a zombie in its tracks! :D And making the pipe zombies deal out MASSIVE damage is also very interesting hehe :P

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