New update 0.91 NEW FEATURES: * added 8 battles * activated opengl antialiasing system * new isometric 3d armour units (plastic counters style) * new particle sfx: explosions, fire, merge, create UNDER THE HOOD CHANGES: * optimized main opengl rendering functions * optimized reinforcements rendering, high res rendering, intro screens, menus * optimized texture and objects definitions, opengl objects' init and free, game engine settings, gamemaster, reinforcements * optimized reinforcements rendering, sound samples loading, sound functions, rendering code, units' rendering, units' texture management, png and jpg texture loading, units' removal * optimized loading of thumbnail previews to avoid repeated loading BUGS STOMPED: * mipmap button ignoring mouseover events * blur fx together with antialiasing * main title transparency * active battle not linked to battle played during missions * wrong initial direction of units * misloading of mission map thumbnails

Retaliation Path of War 0.91
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