This mod replaces the dogs G-Mutations Ivy zombies & Mr.X (s) with zombies.It works for the STEAM rolledback/downgraded retail version of the game Im trying to find a fix (it works for CODEX RE2R).I tried to replace the lickers but it made the zombies walk on the ceiling ! but I found a way to remove the lickers completely & I didnt replace Birkin or The Tyrant (s).I only use this mod for 4th Survivor mode if you use it for story mode some cutscenes or other stuff may be weird...

Resident Evil 2 Remake zombies only mod

I couldn't get this to work. I got it loaded up on fluffy, but when this mod was selected the game just black screened on launch. Game works when I turn the mod back off, but yea. The mod itself doesn't appear to work.

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