[IMPORTANT] works good only with old nvidia drivers. I use 358.91. 365.xx wont work with this mod!!! Now more presets, fixed some bad formulas, looks great as before, and nice options for low-grade PCs

Reshade package by AAA

hey man this looks very good..
i was wondering.. you named this like an enb in combo with sweetfx.
but when downloading the rar file i dont see anything regarding ENB files in it. only the reshade files. can you tell me if there is something missing or do i need to download the enb myself from boris his enb page..


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AgainstAllAuthority Author

Originally (in 2014, when LA was "released") it was ENB (u can check older versions)
Then i stopped playing stalker, however recently i've decided to play it again, and found a better framework that suit my tastes.
Aaand im a bit lazy to create a new mod-page, since old enb-based injectior and new reshade-based have alot in common.

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thanks for your replay, btw the new update of the dev kit is official so for lost alpha its now 1.4001 if im correct instead of 1.3 ^^


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