You awake in an open field of grass, the soothing sound of crackling embers of a nearby campfire and the blowing of the wind saturating your senses. Your only memory is a vaguely familiar name, which you think of as your own. With a large leather tent on your right and the faint outline of a walled city far to your left, you get up, eager for any answers you can find. This is your introduction to the world of Remembrance, a land which is tearing at the seams. In the Western Lands, small and isolated city-states try to survive against the harshness of the world outside, one crawling with bandits, monsters and injustice. Across the Great Sea ancient empires begin to crumble, as mysterious happenings spark off a chain of events bringing destruction, death and exodus. Some say this world is ending, but that will be up to you to decide.

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