Some where, in the deep regions of space, a great battle await you. Things are not always the same nature in space travel. Planets are being wipe out without a trace. The Call for the Raging Dragons echoes through the releam of time and space. Come join Capt J.T. and the Raging Dragons Platoon in this action pack SHMUP. Chase down countless waves of intruders, battle generals, captains, guards and soldiers. The Galeboraning are THE THREAT and they are cleaning up and destroying planets in the region. Stealing all of the planets resources and raw materials. A galactic war scroll has been sent out by the Galactic Space Federaton Z. It's states that all enemies of peace must be vanquish at any means. It's time for the Raging Dragon Platoon to set forth in action. As Capt J.T. says "FORWARDS MY SOLDIERS OF RAGING DRAGON PLATOON!!!!" FEATURES 20+ LEVELS OF GAMEPLAY[IN DEVELOPMENT] 6 HIDDEN LEVELS NEW POWERS-UPS EACH LEVEL 2 MODES (ARCADE & STORY) [ IN DEVELOPMENT ]

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