Quake 4 Fortress is a mod (modification) for Quake 4 based on Team Fortress. This means that it still has a similar feel and gameplay to the original game, but the visuals are altered for the most part. It also means that the game retains a lot of Quake 4's key features. Q4F's theme is one that gives a wide variety of locations. The overall themes of the classes and models will be "Retro Futuristic" (aka Wastelandish/Rustic future). This sort of feel gives us the ability to implement any sort of map theme we like. The classes and weapons will feel right at home in space, rundown powerplants, industrial zones, medival structures, castles, modern day bases, the list goes on... Most of the maps consist of Capture the Flag (CTF) type gameplay. This game mode consists of two teams, red and blue. Each team can have up to eight players (this may change depending on Q4's playerlimit). The objective of the game is the enter the enemy team's base, locate the Flag and...

Quake 4 Fortress 1.5
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