Q4GIB is a simple Quake IV multiplayer instagib mod, The only weapon you can equip is the railgun all other weapons and the most spawns are disabled only the Haste power up spawn isn't disabled, This mod should work with all maps and game types available. // ---- Changelog ------------------- v1.26 (The last and Non SDK release) - Re-made player.def - Re-made items.def - Optimized main.script for faster loading speed - Fixed graphics in 'controlers > weapons' menu - Removed unused things in mainmenu.gui - Removed the 'Small health' loading icon * Optimized the server config * Changed g_countDown to si_countDown * Renamed mapcycle script to q4gib-mapcycle * Added Q4 Quakemas maps to the map cycle script * Added instagib server commands in the server.cfg (Not used yet) * Removed server auto download, now it only shows the Q4GIB website link

Q4GIB v1.26 (Installer)
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