Q3knockOut changes your Quake experience in a very unique way: Scoring is not done by directly hit and kill your enemy, but by pushing him out of the area into the void or other deadly spots in a map like lava and such. Therefor you get weapons from the start to frag your opponents. This is done by pushing them with your weapons projectile. A direct hit with one of your weapons won't hurt your enemy but the knockback of these will push your enemy away. You use the knockback effects to knock them into the deadly spots of a map. Every weapon has its own effect so you have to decide what weapon is best in a situation to effectively knock your opponent out. Q3knockOut is a server side only modification. After starting your server with this modification everyone can connect and join your game of Q3knockOut! Extract the ZIP-File contents with full pathnames into your Quake 3 basefolder - like "C:\Q3A". After that run Q3knockOut by using the mod menu or running the batch file...

Q3knockOut 1.3.0
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