This is my 1st version of Project Wildfire. Only a couple things I couldn't get working right. I couldn't change the summary to un-include them. I couldn't tweak the powers, I'm still working on that. I want to make shield, armor and biotic breaking powers stronger and make weapons weaker against shielded and armored targets but when you break through they go down very fast. Not totally sure about biotics blocking powers, I may have seen it in action going to re-test to make sure. I have enabled jumping over objects when out of cover but I need to change some distances so it doesn't overlap. With vaulting out of cover. Enemies don't take extra damage when shielded etc unless it's shot with the Widow then most targets go down in one hit no matter where you hit them unless they have armor underneath.

Project Wildfire 1.0a
Chinaski - - 56 comments

I like the sound of this, any chance of posting a vid of the mod in action?

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Tymathee Author
Tymathee - - 313 comments

there are 2 and i had more but they had the mic enabled so it picked up a lot of audio, im going to fix that, maybe i'll talk and explain things a bit.

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