Project Peanut final (?) release. Uploaded here to prevent loss with the closing of GameFront. Follow install description in 'readmeplez'.

Project Peanut

Hey there, please fix your filenames. Playing this mod on Linux is a nightmare due to messed up lower and uppercase filenames.

First, change all *.MDL to *.mdl and further more files like: models/mtelep.mdl to models/Mtelep.mdl.

Because: FATAL ERROR: Mod_LoadModel: models/Mtelep.mdl not found
while the file is just all in lowercase.

Thank you in advance :)

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The filename issue is fixed in the latest version over on, many improvements to the gamecode as well as taking advantage of new engine features introduced by our Hammer of Thyrion fork. Please come check it out! :)

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