Project Nemesis windows client, version 0.20 (old)

Project Nemesis - v0.20 windows Client
Izrachy - - 107 comments


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Tallon_hunteR - - 138 comments

laggy (about 1.5 seconds), and there are no attacks or animations yet

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

the missing animations are caused by the lags - but 1.5 is huge!
could you tell me, what grafic card you are using?
(At the moment, the bottleneck for performance is the gpu)

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Midnight_Aurias - - 248 comments

i like it allready but one thing if i change graphics to fantastic it laggs i change to fastest and it wont lag and i still have the same graphics whats up with that? anyway dont let it die i would love to play this together with friends ow and you should realy add a singleplayer or atleast bots since its borring if you cant play together

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CrapGames Author
CrapGames - - 68 comments

hi shadowspecter!
At the moment we haven´t defined different graphic settings, it´s strange, that selecting an other setting makes a difference in performance. ^^

We won´t let project nemesis die, we just went through times of change, keeping us from developing. We´re really looking forward to play project nemesis with you - doing everything, what we can do to make this dream come true.

As for the Singleplayer. We never planned to do a singleplayer campaign, aiming for that much player, that everybody is able to find an open game. But at the moment we consider creating a little training area.


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TheUnknownM - - 954 comments

who wanna play multiplayer?

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