Basically made this mod in my free time for when I played multiplayer with my friends so they could watch the glorious Ponlandians conquer the world. Pondlandia is the kingdom which I happen to be the King of and rule the radioactive zones around Chernobyl which are now inhabited by my fellow mutated ducks. We speak, eat, and now for a limited time rule kingdoms, until the spetsnaz find out about us and are given xenophobic orders to genocide my subjects. Yes I'm joking, puny russians will never break the might or will of my people. If anything YOU should be afraid of us as in this mod, and in the real world we plan to raise any meany boys on crucifixes and watch you burn til dawn. In this mod I give you full control of the sacred kingdom of Pondlandia, and with it, the many responsibilites as a Saint and a King.

Pondlandia (WIP)
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