Shows ping and kick button in tab menu. Ping only shows for players if you're hosting or if they have enabled Share Ping option.

Player List Ping and Kick Button v1.0.0


I greatly appreciate your mod, the ping works fine and is really nice!
The autokick function is also great, although I try to use it as rarely as possible, if at all.

However, the kick button - noted in your mod description - does not show for me.
I reinstalled the mod twice now, and although I am host, I can only initiate vote-kicks.

I had a friend install it and they didn't see the kick button either.

The mod settings also did not illuminate the matter.

Maybe we are blind, though^^
If you could upload a screenshot as to how it's supposed to look or a quick readme that contains instructions for a /kick function in chat that would be great!


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After extensive testing, it appears that the 'vote-kick' button IS in fact the kick button!

The tooltip is unchanged, appearing as an initiation for a vote-kick.
A vote also pops up, but the targeted player is kicked immediately without the vote mattering in any kind of way.

People can also still vote, but as I just mentioned, the vote itself has absolutely no impact on the kick.

Works great!

I'd like to suggest that you change the description of your mod from
'shows kick button' to 'skips the vote of a vote-kick' to avoid future misconceptions^^'

Here is a random story of how this mod helps:
I had this player in my game who constantly strayed away from his team. He was lvl 150+, we were on Wheat&Chaff;, and as soon as he respawned and got revived he ran into the opposite direction of the team - leaving them alone with multiple Stormvermin and a Ratling gunner - to solo some bags at the other side of the map. Died every time, and then spammed the chat full of 'you so bad. I am the captain. You are too bad to keep up with me.'
We spent 15 minutes only going to this guy to revive him after he spawned multiple times, until I finally kicked him and had a non-griefing, non-flaming, non-inflated-ego bot who we could rely on to finish the Nightmare mission^^

Thank you!

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