The Planetary Annihilation Mod Manager for Windows. For Mac and Linux users, please google for "PAMM Cross Platform" and click the first result. Originally created by Raevn and now maintained by Mereth, PAMM allows one to browse, download, and install any of Planetary Annihilation's many mods with the click of a mouse.

Planetary Annihilation Mod Manager
quitchy - - 57 comments

An essential, repeat, ESSENTIAL part of every Planetary Annihilation player's arsenal. Even if you only want the vanilla game experience, you still have access to a raft of ways to tweak the game's look and feel to match your taste.

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Gilgamesh - - 59 comments

I got busted reading an eula!! :(

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ObsidianLegion - - 1 comments

Busted? What?

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