The PlanePack 6.1 Legacy PlanePack adds aircraft from many nations, originally released in PlanePack 6.1. Version 4 improves several planes significantly. Aircraft in Legacy PlanePacks are in a less completed state than aircraft in the Expansion PlanePacks. The planes in the pack: Australia - Beaufighter 21; France - Lancaster I FE; Germany - FW 190A-3, FW 190A-8, He 100D-1C, He 162A-2, Ju 88G-7B, Ju 188, Me Bf 109F-4, Me Bf 109G-6, Me Bf 109K-4, Me 163, Mistel 1, Mistel 3; Great Britain - Beaufighter I, Beaufighter VI, Beaufighter X, Corsair II, Lancaster (Special); Poland - PZL P.11c; United States - A-36A, B-17F, F4U-4B Corsair, P-38F.

PlanePack 6.1 Legacy PlanePack v4.0
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