the tf2 map with a NAv file for l4d. put in your l4d/maps folder. all is VALVe copyright, not me.

pl_goldrush for l4d

Now I haven't downloaded this yet, but from what I got from the discription, you just posted an official map and a .nav file, for a different game into here, completely forgetting that l4d and tf2 have different textures, models and sprites. And if you assume that people are going to move that stuff by them selves, then why post the map here in the first place. Also, this is illeagle as you are distributing an official map to another game. I think it is, anyway...

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cant be illeagal cause ModDB staff look at Downloads before their released

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Cocodaconman Author

not illegal, and Im posting it for the .nav file mainly. if ppl have IQs of more than 50, they would know about the textures and models thing. It would take year to upload them :D

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